About Us

Many experts and leading health organisations have described the menace of counterfeit and low quality drugs as a significant threat to public health and wealth in Africa. The need to be part of the growing efforts led by the WHO and other public health organisations at making available at affordable rates high quality and genuine pharmaceutical goods and hospital equipment cumulated in the formation of GoldPharma Ltd.

GoldPharma Ltd was incorporated under the Companies Act of 2006 as a private limited Company at Companies House in Cardiff the UK in 1998 to import and distribute pharmaceutical products and hospital equipment. Since its incorporation, GoldPharma Ltd has been delivering genuine pharmaceutical goods and hospital equipment to hospitals and wholesalers in West Africa; most notably to Ghana and Nigeria. We are still looking for more reputable partners and liaisons in the health industry to continue with the vision and mission of GoldPharma Ltd.



To be a significant player at efforts in improving public health through the distribution of high quality and affordable pharmaceutical products and hospital equipment to state actors -health ministries- and non-state sectors–hospitals- in the West African region.


Our mission is to enhance the availability of high-quality medicines and medical equipment at competitive prices to hospital, government ministries and wholesalers with the main aim of alleviating the shortage of such goods in the West African sub-region. We aim to do business fairly and with integrity and support the Company Marketplace activities. We also aim to support international aid through donation of medicines and healthcare products.




We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions and products


The courage to shape a better future for healthcare


We question old solutions and, if we have a better idea, we are willing to change.


We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives

MHRA Accredited

Our products and services meet the strict regulation standard of the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). When it comes to the highly regulated field of pharmaceutical products, GoldPharma value quality control. All our manufacturing and distribution partners are validated and regularly audited to maintain our company’s quality-control standards. It is because of our determination and vigilance that we can deliver the highest quality to our customers and manage a high profile in the pharmaceutical sector.