Our Product Offerings

GoldPharma Ltd is proud to showcase our list of products including their images, manufacturer’s name amongst others using a simple and user-friendly interface which creates a good experience for our clients in understanding our products and ordering exactly what they need. This platform also enables an up-to date pricing and stock availability, which enhances ordering and shipping of goods. We accept orders strictly from our registered partners.


GoldPharma stock a wide range of high quality generics from reputable manufacturers and our partnership with many of them has been productive culminating in our ability to import, export and distribute pharmaceutical and medical goods at affordable prices.

An extensive range of branded prescription medicines from manufacturers including -Teva, Almus, Accord, Sandoz, Torrent Pharma. Branded patented products from pharmaceutical manufacturing companies including, GSK, Astrazenica, Sanofi, Pfizer and other range are also available through us.

Health & Beauty

We offer the leading brands for Over-the-counter lines such as Vitabiotics, Johnson & Johnson, Nelsons, Bayer healthcare. With the option to buy as both Singles and outer case on majority of the lines, you have the flexibility to order specific quantities that you need.


We provide a wide range of wound care dressings, foot care, Stoma care, incontinence, elastic hosieries, stockinette, swabs and sport therapy.


Our range include blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor, Thermometers, Nebulisers, humidifiers, electronic nerve stimulation, Blood & urinalysis testing strips, Pregnancy testing, sample containers from brands such as Roche